The Lincoln Project to start a civics program to teach K-12 kids that today's government isn't normal

Chasing after your fellow officials screaming at them, staging protests that gum up Congress, and attacks on the U.S. Capitol aren't normal, but for some young people, it's all they've ever witnessed from their government, Axios reported.

It's one of the reasons that the GOP-expat group The Lincoln Project is starting a civics education program they'll call The Franklin Project. They'll also start doing grassroots organizing around those who are fed-up with "partisan dysfunction and authoritarianism." It will become their Democracy Corps, a "hyper-local movement spread across the nation 'that will advocate for and amplify the values upon which America was founded,'" said Axios, quoting the prospectus.

The move comes amid a group of over 100 Republicans threatening to leave the GOP amid Rep. Liz Cheney's (R-WY) expulsion from the House leadership.

"We're not the megaphone; we're the convener," co-executive director Greg Jenkins told Axios.

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