Lincoln Project mocks conservatives’ obsession with ivermectin in new parody video

The conservative Lincoln Project launched a parody ad for the drug ivermectin on Tuesday, mocking anti-vaxxers and supporters of former president Donald Trump for using the unproven "horse dewormer" to treat COVID-19.

The narrator in the 90-second spot, called "Ivermectin," states that the "FDA-approved vaccine might not be the right choice for those who are allergic to reality."

With a horse whinnying in the background, the narrator adds that ivermectin is the best treatment for "real patriots," encouraging people to "say neigh to the FDA and take matters into their own hooves."

However, the ad warns that people shouldn't take ivermectin if they're "wearing (their) good pants" — referring to widespread reports that it's causing anti-vaxxers to "poop themselves."

"Side effects can include uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea, the inability to pronounce Kamala Harris' name or a sudden urge to speak to the manager," the ad states. "Some patients taking ivermectin have reported hallucinations of lizard people in the halls of Congress, and in rare cases finding Joe Rogan's podcast helpful and/or informative. Call your doctor if you begin to experience delusions of grandeur about the supremacy of your race. Homicidal thoughts or actions toward your elected representatives can occur without warning."

The ad concludes by encouraging people to "join the herd and talk to your large animal veterinarian about ivermectin today."

"Or don't, because you're not a f*cking sheep," the narrator states.

Watch below.