Lindsey Graham says the GOP will hand the presidential nomination to Trump in 2024 if he wants it
Senator Lindsey Graham smiles behind President Trump at the rally in the Bojangle's Coliseum. (Jeffery Edwards /

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) told Fox News' "Hannity" that the Republican nomination for president will be handed to Donald Trump if he wants it.

The host and informal adviser to the 2020 campaign was off for the holiday break, so Graham made the comments to Pete Hegseth, who runs the conservative super PAC Vets For Freedom, which supported GOP candidates.

"Unless there's something coming out of left field I don't see coming, it's his nomination if he wants it," Graham said. "The Republican base appreciated him. We don't appreciate all the things he does sometimes. But from a policy point of view, he was the most successful president from a conservative's point of view since Ronald Reagan."

Graham did add a caveat, however. Trump would "be in the White House in 2024 if he runs a disciplined campaign." The former president isn't known for doing anything in a "disciplined" way.

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Graham also said that it would require all Republicans up and down the ballot to become the former president's advocates and run their own campaigns by promoting Trump.

"Remember the Trump years on the border, ISIS, Afghanistan, … [and] energy independence," Graham said. "We should talk [about this] every day."

A scholar of ISIS, who has followed the battle over the past several years, explained that Trump could hardly take credit for finishing previous efforts on the terror group. Similarly, Trump's promise on Afghanistan was that he would have all troops home "by Christmas" of 2020. That didn't happen and there was never a plan to extract anyone other than American soldiers. America was never energy independent, which is why prices soared in 2019 after an attack on the Saudi oil infrastructure.

See Graham's interview with Hegseth below:

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