Trump lawyer ridiculed for failing at updating her email address with Florida court: 'This is basic stuff'
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Florida lawyer Lindsey Halligan was ridiculed on Thursday after court filings showed her struggling to navigate the most basic aspects of the legal system.

"More procedural filing woes for Trump’s legal team as it tries to stop the ⁦[FBI]⁩ from reviewing the classified files it removed from Mar-a-Lago," Reuters legal correspondent Sarah Lynch reported, posting a copy of a docket alert.

The clerk's notice said Halligan "has not followed the required procedures for updating their address with the court."

"Attorney is instructed to go to their PACER account, Manage My Account, to complete the process of updating their address. See the court's website for detailed instructions."

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Legal correspondent Chris Geidner wrote, "Trump's lawyers in that allegedly ~original~ case trying to get a special master are having more difficulties. The Florida lawyer with a gmail address is trying to change it to outlook. Unsuccessfully."

Legal experts mocked Halligan.

Attorney Mirriam Zary joked, "real gangsters have aol addresses."

Former Florida prosecutor Katie Phang said, "This is basic stuff, folks. Basic."

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The word "basic" was emphasized in all capital letters both times.

"Can't make this stuff up," wrote attorney Mark Zaid.

First Amendment attorney Adam Steinbaugh joked, "Attorney is instructed to try seeing if it’s plugged in. Attorney is instructed to try turning the monitor on."

The website says, "Lindsey Halligan is a partner in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale East offices’ Property Group, which focuses on defending multiple carriers in first-party insurance claims. Lindsey’s practice focuses on the litigation of numerous water, fire, SIU fraud, vandalism and theft claims on both residential and commercial properties."

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