GOP lawmaker reveals why Liz Cheney is really losing her leadership position
Liz Cheney appears on ABC (screen grab)

A senior Republican revealed what cost Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) her leadership position in the House GOP conference.

The Wyoming Republican survived a challenge to her No. 3 leadership spot in February, when the conference voted 145-61 to keep her as chair despite her vote to impeach former president Donald Trump, but a senior GOP lawmaker -- who refused to go on the record -- told the Washington Post why Cheney will almost certainly lose her position next week.

"I wish [Cheney] would not be as voluble as she's been — she's made her point but she's now gotten this image of her fist bumping the president," the senior Republican said. "She's said what she wanted to say but don't put yourself in a place where you fist bump [President Joe] Biden. He was a friend of your dad's but don't give him an easy shot."

The lawmaker agreed with Cheney's position but remained hopeful that Trump would just go away on his own.

"She's absolutely right and I herald her courage but I want her to be viable for the future," the Republican said. "Let's turn the page on [Trump] by turning the page."