'Scandalous': Trump spokesperson says White House not 'leaking' enough national security secrets
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Liz Harrington, a spokesperson for former President Donald Trump, appeared confused about why the current White House does not leak more information about "national security."

During a Monday interview on Real America's Voice, host David Brody asserted that President Joe Biden's speeches were a "danger to this country."

"Absolutely," Harrington agreed. "Where are the leaks, by the way? You know, these fraudulent leaks in The Washington Post and The New York Times [are] still smearing President Donald J. Trump, you know, 18 months later."

"Where are the leaks right now about what's happening from the White House dealing with our national security with this man sitting in the Oval Office?" she added. "I mean, this is so scandalous."

Watch the video below or at this link.