Trump's new spokeswoman lies constantly about his election loss -- here are her 8 most flagrant falsehoods
Liz Harrington appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Donald Trump has hired a new chief spokeswoman who's best known for spreading lies about his 2020 election loss.

The twice-impeached one-term president is the source of many of those lies, and may even believe them himself, and he's found a new mouthpiece in former Republican National Committee spokeswoman Liz Harrington, who is replacing Jason Miller as his top surrogate, and CNN's fact checker Daniel Dale flagged some of her most flagrant falsehoods.

  • "President Trump won this election," Harrington falsely asserted on Nov. 8, the day after television networks projected Joe Biden as the winner.
  • "This complete fraud of pretending that Joe Biden is the president elect: He is not," Harrington said Nov. 11. "We won. We won. I can not stress this enough to your listeners. We've won, it's just a matter of the results being certified of every legal vote, and every illegal vote being thrown out as it rightfully should. This is about free and fair elections, this is about our constitutional republic."
  • "'They were stuffed like they were never stuffed before,'" Harrington tweeted Jan. 3, quoting one of Trump's lies. "The fraud is OVERWHELMING and President @realDonaldTrump is all over it! Thank you, President Trump! Truth will win!"
  • "From all enemies, foreign and domestic," she tweeted about an hour before the Jan. 6 insurrection. "Letting communists at home and abroad steal an election from the people is not upholding the Constitution. #Senditback to the people the Founders put in charge: the state legislatures!"
  • "As @RealRLimbaugh always says, DC is show business for the ugly," Harrington tweeted as the rioters were cleared from the U.S. Capitol. "Enough of the bad acting and breathless speeches about 'democracy.' Allowing communists to steal our votes is the END of our republic. Using the Constitution as a rationale to rubberstamp the steal is insidious."
  • "GA counted 305,701 illegal mail-in ballots requested outside statutory rules," she baselessly tweeted on Jan. 14. "10,315 dead voters, 66,247 juvenile voters, 136,155 voting machine irregularities/spikes. Margin: 11,779."
  • "How about we have equal justice under the law?" she told Newsmax on Jan. 7. "That means prosecuting people who break the law whether they are storming the capitol and destroying property or if they are destroying votes that were legally cast for President @realDonaldTrump."
  • "The real insurrection…happened on Nov. 4 at about 3:30 in the morning, when all those vote dumps were dropped," Harrington told Newsmax on Jan. 12. "That's when it happened, that was the overthrow."