Arizona Republican refuses to perform her duties until there's a redo of the election she won
Liz Harris (Official campaign photo)

A recently elected Arizona legislator is planning to go on strike if the Nov. 8 election is not redone.

Liz Harris, who won her election in Legislative District 13, issued a statement on Instagram and her campaign website pledging that she would not vote on any bill because she believes Republicans had been robbed in statewide races, reported KPNX-TV.

"Although I stand to win my Legislative District race it has become obvious that we need to hold a new election immediately," Harris said in the statement. "There are clear signs of foul play from machine malfunctions, chain of custody issues and just blatant mathematical impossibilities. How can a Republican State Treasurer receive more votes than a Republican Gubernatorial or Senate candidate?"

State treasurer Kimberly Yee won re-election to a second term with more votes than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat, while GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Senate candidate Blake Masters both lost.

Harris claimed that this was proof of fraud, and she urged other legislators to join her protest.

"I call on all state legislators to join me in demanding a new election," Harris said. "I will now be withholding my vote on any bills in this session without this new election in protest to what is clearly a potential fraudulent election."

Harris, who lost to incumbents Jennifer Pawlik (D) and Jeff Weninger (R) in the 2020 election, launched a protest of those results intended to decertify the state legislature and presidential elections by falsely claiming to have turned up about 173,000 “lost” votes and 96,000 “ghost votes” in a door-to-door canvassing campaign.

Maricopa County officials and outside experts questioned the "quasi-science" she used in her report and determined her findings were "inaccurate," and they were later removed from the notorious Cyber Ninjas "audit" report after it was revealed that the Department of Justice had warned her against door-knocking.

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