Trump economist Stephen Moore ridiculed after heaping praise on career-ending Liz Truss policies
Stephen Moore (screengrab)

Far-right economist Stephen Moore was ridiculed on MSNBC Thursday after he sang the praises of UK Prime Minister Liz Truss for her tax policies. Truss was forced to resign after just 44 days when it was discovered she couldn't actually usher in the policies she spoke about.

"I love what Liz Truss is doing," Moore said, singing her praises. "I think it's exactly the right agenda of cutting taxes, reducing government spending, deregulating, moving back towards fossil fuels. It's exactly what the United States should be doing."

"Are you seriously saying that [Joe] Biden and the Democrats will cut taxes, lower regulation in the United States?" asked Stuart Varney.

"No, they're not going to do that," replied Moore.

"They're going to do the exact opposite," Varney agreed.

"You're right. They're not going to do it. As my friend, Larry Kudlow would say, the cavalry is coming," Moore said.

The implication was that the Republicans were coming and would fix everything for Americans just as Liz Truss was doing for the U.K. The problem is that it didn't exactly end that way for Truss.

Boris Johnson’s hawkish foreign secretary came into office with the promises of her Conservative Party. She announced the party's plans for tax cuts and deregulation which spooked the global markets sending the British pound sinking to record lows against the dollar. The situation was so bad that the Bank of England was forced to step in to help save the bond market.

That paired with some scandals in her ministry appointees.

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"Did they think we wouldn't find that? That was less than a month ago, Stephen Moore, served as economic adviser to Donald Trump himself, heaping praise on an economic plan and set of policies that would ultimately result in the shortest term for the UK prime minister ever. Ever. Never anyone lasted less time," said Nicolle Wallace. There was one prime minister who got tuberculosis and died sooner than Truss, but that's the only one.

"Right now, I'm sure you've heard the news, Liz Truss, the aforementioned British Prime Minister resigned after 44 days in office. To say her trickle-down economic plan is based largely on $48 billion in unfunded tax cuts, would be overstating things. The pound plunged. The approval rating fell to minus 70 and a tabloid newspaper set up to live stream to see if her term would outlast a head of lettuce. It did not. By the way, we sent our congratulations to a head of lettuce. As the parliament and Tory Party get ready to select another leader, remember what Stephen Moore said at the top, 'the cavalry is coming.' He's talking about Republicans retaking the House in three weeks in America, which would allow the Republican Party in America to enact economic measures identical to the ones that resulted in a resounding rejection by the British people of Truss."

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