Right-wing superhero movie ends 'in disaster' after $1 million in funders' cash goes missing: report
An image from the trailer for 'Rebel's Run' (Screen cap)

An attempt to make a Confederacy-promoting right-wing super hero movie has reportedly "ended in disaster" after $1 million in funders' money has gone completely missing.

The Daily Beast's Will Sommer reports that the planned movie, called "Rebel's Run," was based on a comic book character created by far-right blogger Vox Day that features a hero named Rebel who is "sometimes depicted in a Confederate flag bustier" and who fights against "a global police force hunting down freethinking conservatives."

The film's troubles started when Day, whose given name is Theodore Beale, decided to use a Utah-based firm called Ohana Capital Financial to hold the $1 million he'd raised in donations for the movie in escrow.

Beale went with Ohana because it was a rare financial institution who would do business with him given his long history of unabashed racism and sexism.

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The trouble, as Sommer writes, is that Ohana appears to have been a sham institution set up by a con artist.

"Ohana was the creation of James Wolfgramm, a self-described cryptocurrency billionaire who posted pictures of sports cars that supposedly belonged to him on social media," he writes. "But in fact, according to a federal indictment filed last month, Wolfgramm’s wealth was a sham. The sports car pictures, for example, were pulled from other websites. Wolfgramm’s business also sold what were billed as high-tech cryptocurrency mining rigs — but those too were a hoax, according to prosecutors, with their screens just running on a loop to create the illusion of mine."

Day told disappointed supporters recently that their money had, in fact, gone missing while under Wolfgramm's care.

"I wouldn’t count on us getting the money back," said Day, who also baselessly claimed that the theft was part of a grander plot "intended to break our community."

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