‘It’s grotesque’: MSNBC's Morning Joe bashes GOP ‘soft punks’ lobbing ’despicable' attacks at Biden’s defense chief

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough bashed Republican lawmakers who needled Defense secretary Lloyd Austin during a hearing on the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Austin and other military leaders defended President Joe Biden's removal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan after nearly 20 years of war, and the "Morning Joe" host rebuked Republican lawmakers' treatment of the officials during a congressional hearing, which prompted Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) to apologize on their behalf.

"It is despicable for these soft punks sitting there, a lot of them, criticizing a guy who's given his entire life to this country and dedicated his life fighting for this country and defending this country being overseas and in war zones throughout much of his adult life, to attack him and say he's unpatriotic," Scarborough said. "It's just grotesque, it is despicable, it is disgusting."

"If you served and you're in Congress, all right, you have standing to talk to him," he added. "You should be respectful, but, of course, I know that's just not possible these days, even with people who have been trained to know better. It's so unfortunate."

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