'Incredibly irresponsible': Michael Fanone slams Capitol Police Chief for statement that ‘reeked’ of political pressure
Washington Metropolitan Police Department Officer Michael Fanone testifies during the House select committee hearing on the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, July 27, 2021. - Andrew Harnik/Pool/TNS

Jan. 6 victim Michael Fanone had harsh words on Wednesday for the Capitol Police Department.

Before Fanone spent two decades serving the DC Metropolitan Police Department, he worked for the Capitol Police Department.

CNN's Anderson Cooper asked Fanone about a letter sent by Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger that claims the department did not find anything suspicious about a pre-Jan.6 tour of the Capitol Complex led by GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk of Georgia.

"Anderson, I read the letter that was signed by Chief Manger, and I found it incredibly irresponsible," Fanone said.

"To me, the letter reeked of outside pressure," he explained. "First of all, the U.S.Capitol Police is not the lead investigative agency with regards to the Capitol breach and the insurrection on Jan. 6th. The lead investigative agency is the FBI and Department of Justice, so at the very least the expectation would have been that they would defer any questions to the FBI and the Department of Justice. But they didn't do that, they chose to answer."

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"When I went through it line by line, it looks to me like Chief Manger was engaging in a game of semantics," he said. "I mean, that absolutely is suspicious activity."

He said he would have arrested the individual in question if he were still a Capitol Police beat cop.

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