'Lower than low can go': Donald Trump Jr. suggests father’s indictment distracts from Nashville shooting
Donald Trump Jr. speaking with attendees at the Culture War tour in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

Former President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., suggested his father was indicted by a Manhattan jury this week to distract from the recent mass shooting at a Nashville Christian school, the Independent reports.

Since the incident, right-wing lawmakers have suggested nothing can be done to prevent future mass shootings, offering thoughts and prayers instead of gun legislation, and have even blamed the shooting on existence of transgender people.

@PatriotTakes shared a social media post from the former president's son, writing, "Don Jr. reposted a tweet using pictures of child victims murdered in the Nashville school shooting to deflect against Trump's indictment."

The Independent reports Trump Jr.'s post, which "he shared on his Instagram story, was a post from the popular rightwing Twitter account Catturd."

The photo in the post included a collage of the six people — three adults and three children — killed in the shooting, and read, "They're indicting Trump to make you forget about them. NEVER FORGET."

Twitter lambasted the 2024 hopeful's son, accusing him of stooping incredibly "low."

BobT: "That is Lower than low can go.

Mi North: "They just keep finding new lows!"

@musicfan8: "No, they indicted him because he’s a criminal."

@otsfpineapples: "Funny how they all of a sudden care about victims of school shootings"

@kevinmdye1363: "There is no 'can't go lower' with the Trump Crime Family and their lackeys."

paula m: "Deplorable."