Dem lawmaker drops the mic with brutal demolition of 'absurd' Madison Cawthorn
MSNBC screenshot/ABC screenshot

Appearing on MSNBC with host Lindsey Reiser, Rep. Kim Schrier (D-WA) -- who was a pediatrician before running for office -- flattened Republican colleague Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) over his complaints about masking up children with a blunt and brutal takedown.

Sharing a clip of the young Republican claiming "You have sacrificed the social, emotional and psychological development of our children on the altar of wokeness, forcing our children to wear masks is nothing short of psychological child abuse, period." the MSNBC host asked the doctor for her response.

"First of all, let me just say that what he said was absolutely absurd," Schrier began. "He's not following the science and putting people in his district and across the country who are listening to him at high risk. We know that masks work, we know we need to protect our children. Yes, there should be in classroom mandates for mask wearing, but let's also be clear that when you have a variant that is this contagious the plain old cloth mask is unlikely to really be sufficient."

"But with regard to the social and emotional health of children, Madison Cawthorn, though closer to a child's age than I am, really does not have any perspective on this," she added. "The reality is that kids need to be in school. What is damaging to their psyche, to their social and emotional development is not being able to be around children because schools are closed -- the masks are not a problem -- I could pull my 12-year-old in the other room here who would tell you that's ridiculous."

Watch below:

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