Madison Cawthorn appears in promo video for gun store -- and it's loaded with firearms safety violations: analysis
Madison Cawthorn (Screen Grab)

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) appears in a new video intended to promote the Arizona gun store Shooter’s World -- but as the @PatriotTakes Twitter account points out, it is filled with firearm safety violations.

@PatriotTakes helpfully outlines the major rules of safe firearms usage for people who don't shoot: "Treat all firearms as if they are loaded; control the muzzle at all times; keep your finger off the trigger until you’ve made a conscious decision to shoot; be sure of your target and it’s surroundings."

The account then gets to work documenting all of the violations of these basic principles that Cawthorn and his partners make in the video, starting with one of Cawthorn firing his weapon while still rolling in his wheelchair when another shooter is ahead of him in the line of shooting.

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Cawthorn is again seen firing his weapon when another person is ahead of him and filming him with a phone camera.

Things get even worse when one of the people filming the video directly walks in front of Cawthorn while he's holding a loaded weapon.

And @PatriotTakes' analysis concludes by noting that "the promotional video ends with Madison Cawthorn ahead of the line of shooting as a beginner shoots," which means that "he is placing himself in danger."

Read the whole thread here.