Gun-toting MAGA rioter gets early gift from feds: A Christmas Eve request for pre-trial detention
Supporters of then-US president Donald Trump fought with police during the deadly January 6, 2021 insurrection at the US Capitol

A MAGA rioter who brought a loaded gun to the United States Capitol building last year got notice on Christmas Eve that federal prosecutors would be asking for him to be detained in jail ahead of his trial.

NBC 4 Washington's Scott MacFarlane reports that prosecutors filed a request on Friday that Indiana resident Mark Mazza be held in pre-trial detention due to being a continued threat to public safety.

Mazza brought a Taurus revolver loaded with shotgun shells with him to the Capitol protests, although he would subsequently lose the gun during the mayhem that followed.

Mazza then falsely reported that the gun had been stolen, only for police to use surveillance footage to put him in the area where the gun was found during the Capitol riots.

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In their filing, prosecutors explained how his history of violent behavior makes him unfit to be released pre-trial.

"Mazza admitted to taking the police baton on January 6... and to using it to strike a law enforcement officer in the tunnel," prosecutors allege. :Mazza further admitted that he was recently in possession of several other firearms... Defendant had armed himself with a firearm loaded with hollow point bullets and shotgun shells capable of causing serious injury and his comments about Speaker Pelosi suggest he intended to commit serious bodily harm to the Speaker of the House of Representatives."