Madison Cawthorn mocked for claim Founding Fathers would be 'horrified' by US today: 'You'd be at the gallows'

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) took to Twitter on New Year's Day to speak on behalf of the long-dead Founding Fathers.

According to the far-right Republican, those who shaped the United States government would be "horrified" by today's America.

Cawthorn is frequently mocked for his ignorance, but some, in this case, agreed with him, noting that the men who lived in the late 1700s would likely be horrified looking at things like airplanes, skyscrapers, cars, highways, cell phones, not to mention people walking around in shorts and flip-flops. Though, the latter would likely inspire Benjamin Franklin, who had a penchant for prostitutes.

Others, however, took it in a different direction, noting that those same "Founding Fathers" were responsible for enslaving millions and raping women of color. Some noted that the founding fathers would also be shocked to see that after fleeing to the U.S. after religious persecution that so many leaders claim the country to be Christian.

Some got more personal, noting that the founding Americans would be shocked to see a "traitor" like Cawthorn in any kind of leadership position.

See the attacks and ridicule of Cawthorn below: