Republicans never liked Madison Cawthorn — and now they're trying to destroy him: report
Photo credit: Madison Cawthorn on Facebook.

Republicans have had enough of first-term Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) and are ready to send him packing after just two years.

Cawthorn's troubles began last month when he claimed that people he admired had invited him to an orgy and used cocaine in front of him, and House minority leader Kevin McCarthy turned against the North Carolina congressman and damaging leaks started coming out as he faces a primary battle against establishment candidates, reported Independent correspondent Eric Garcia.

"The opposition research about him now falling off the back of the GOP truck is prodigious," Garcia wrote. "But the real question is why Cawthorn is the target, particularly given there are equally controversial members in the caucus, including some who, like him, helped incite a literal insurrection."

While the cocaine orgies make for a lurid topic for gossip, the truth is that Republicans never really liked Cawthorn in the first place and were saddled with him because Mark Meadows resigned from that congressional seat to become Donald Trump's chief of staff and got the former president to endorse family friend Lynda Bennett, who flopped.

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“The original sin in all of this is the son of a b*tch Mark Meadows,” a Republican source told Garcia, "[for] the way he cock-blocked those other legislators from running."

Cawthorn also irked the GOP establishment in North Carolina by moving to a newly drawn congressional district, which was eventually struck down by the state Supreme Court, and returned to run in his old district as state House speaker Tim Moore was considering a run himself.

"If Cawthorn does lose," Garcia concluded, "it will be because enough Republicans didn’t like how he pissed all over them – and they intend to make sure it ends with him soiling himself."