Notorious MAGA rioter gets 30 days in jail for assaulting a bouncer
Tim Gionet aka 'Baked Alaska (1)

An infamous far-right Trump supporter who stormed the United States Capitol building on January 6th has received a jail sentence of 30 days for assaulting a bouncer in Arizona in 2020.

As reported by WUSA 9's Jordan Fischer, a judge scolded Tim "Baked Alaska" Gionet for pepper-spraying a bouncer in late 2020, less than a month before he would film himself storming the Capitol on January 6th.

The judge joked that they'd consider letting Gionet off without jail time if he was willing to mace himself on live television, but then got down to business and gave him a month in jail, which is a fraction of the six-month sentence sought by prosecutors.

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"If that doesn't convince someone to amend their ways, I'm not sure what else will," the judge said of Gionet's sentence.

Gionet was convicted of assault this past October, and he still faces other charges related to the Capitol riot.