MAGA rioters grow fed up with their AWOL lawyer -- and three have already fired him

The mysterious disappearance of a far-right attorney representing defendants in Capitol riot cases is harming trust his clients have in him, according to a new report in The Daily Beast.

The Beast reported that lawyer John Pierce was fired by accused insurrectionist Deborah Lynn Lee after only ten days on the job. Lee hired Pierce on August 23, but he hasn't been seen since.

"Lee has now apparently had enough, telling the judge in her case on Thursday she'd rather be assigned a public defender than continue working with Pierce. She is the third Jan. 6 defendant to cast Pierce aside, and the first to let him go in the wake of his sudden—and shocking—vanishing act," The Beast reported.

The vanishing act was first revealed by Ryan Marshall, who showed up in Pierce's place at a hearing despite not be licensed to practice law.

"Marshall told the judge that Pierce was in the hospital with COVID-19, on a ventilator and unresponsive. A few hours later, a colleague of Pierce's—or a friend, depending on who you ask—said in a statement that Pierce, 49, was in the hospital with what he thought might have been COVID, but was actually 'dehydration and exhaustion.' But Marshall had previously also claimed that Pierce had been in some sort of accident, and another person close to Pierce said that he had in fact been hospitalized but was not on a ventilator," The Beast reported.

While Lee is seeking to kick Pierce off of her defense, he reportedly picked up yet another capitol riot defendant — even though his disappearance has brought cases to a standstill.