MAGA rioters' 'Foxitis' defense mocked by CNN legal analyst: 'Not going to be persuasive'
Rioters clash with police trying to enter Capitol building through the front doors. (lev radin /

Defense attorneys representing one of the Capitol rioters this week claimed that their client wasn't to blame for his actions because he'd been "radicalized" by Fox News.

CNN legal analyst Carrie Cordero on Friday explained to host Brianna Keilar that it was unlikely any jurors would buy into this so-called "Foxitis" defense of MAGA rioter Anthony Antonio.

"This is something that his defense attorney is certainly entitled to argue, but it is not going to be a persuasive defense to the conduct that is being alleged," Cordero explained. "Let's talk about the actual affidavit filed in this case. What it alleges the defendant did on January 6th includes a wide range of charges: Unauthorized entry into the Capitol complex, disorderly conduct, physical violence."

She then detailed how there is apparently evidence that Antonio assaulted a Capitol police officer and stole his riot shield and gas mask, and she said it will be very hard for him to plead that Fox News made him do it.

"What the court... is going to be looking at is the actual conduct and the video evidence and other evidence that exists in the case, not his allegations that he was brainwashed by watching TV," she said.

Watch the video below.

MAGA rioters' 'Foxitis' defense mocked by legal analyst: 'Not going to be persuasive'