The future of MAGA could be decided on April 4th
Donald Trump (Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr)

On April 4, voters in Wisconsin will go to the polls and the results from that day could have a major impact on the 2024 general election and the hopes of Republicans hoping to take back the Senate and the White House, according to an analysis by the Washington Post's Greg Sargent.

With only a handful of the state's electoral votes expected to be in play in 2024, the election could come down to whichever presidential candidate wins Wisconsin - - the state Rolling Stone calls "ground zero" for plans to steal the 2024 election, Sargent said.

With that in mind, Sargent spotlighted the race for a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat between the Republican candidate, election-denier Daniel Kelly, and Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewic, with the WaPo columnist claiming a Protasiewic would "constitute a third strike for MAGA in the geographic heart of the movement’s effort to transform U.S. politics."

Noting Trump's inroads into the industrial midwest in his stunning 2016 election, the voter-rich region is still key to Republican hopes of, not only majorities in both chambers of Congress but also the Oval Office.

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Pointing to the "high stakes" nature of the April 4, election, Sargent wrote, "A Democratic win would deal a big blow to the MAGA movement’s 2024 hopes, underscoring its dramatically weakened hold on must-win territory once dominated by Trump. That outcome would give liberals a 4-3 majority on a court that could thwart any rerun of Trump’s 2020 effort to overturn his loss by legal chicanery."

With Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Ben Wikler bluntly stating, "MAGA can’t win in 2024 without the Badger State,” the analyst wrote that a loss by Kelly would be a blow to the MAGA movement and a sign that it is in its death throes.

Sargent added, "MAGA partisans grasp these stakes with perfect clarity. One well-known Trumpist operative has been frantically warning that a liberal majority on the Wisconsin state Supreme Court would spell doom for 'election integrity.' That’s MAGA code for saying it would complicate efforts to illicitly subvert a MAGA loss in 2024. And it’s true: If liberals control the court, that will be largely out of reach."

Noting the psychological toll of another election defeat would have on pro-Donald Trump partisans, Sargent concluded, " ...when it comes to MAGA’s dreams of retaking the Rust Belt in 2024 — or even of stealing the election in Wisconsin if the GOP candidate can’t win fairly — a Democratic victory in April would make those hopes a whole lot dimmer."

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