NYT's Maggie Haberman responds after Trump flips out about her new book
New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman appears on CNN/Screenshot

Maggie Haberman smacked down Donald Trump's angry attack on her forthcoming book about his presidency.

The New York Times author will publish "Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America" on Tuesday, and excerpts have been published by various media outlets for weeks. So the former president claimed on his Truth Social website that she had never reached out to him or other sources for confirmation.

"Here we go again! Another Fake book is out, this one, supposedly very boring and stale, by self appointed head case, Failing (unfunded liability!) New York Times writer, Maggie Hagerman," Trump posted. "In it she tells many made up stories, with zero fact checking or confirmation by anyone who would know, like me. In one case she lies about me wanting to fire my daughter, Ivanka, and Jared. WRONG, pure fiction. Never even crossed my mind. Just have to fight trouble making creeps like Maggie, and all the rest!"

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However, Haberman tweeted out a photo that appears to be a list of questions she submitted to Trump, who appears to have responded to her query about that particular episode with a denial handwritten written in his distinctive Sharpie mostly capitalized scrawl.

"False story," reads the entry, apparently written by Trump. "Kelly was too dumb to properly handle such an event if true, which it was not."