Watch: Man's gun discharges during confrontation with neighbor over 'racial issue' involving their children
A person holding a gun. (Shutterstock)

A man has been arrested in Forney, Texas, after his gun discharged during a dispute that arose from an incident where his child walked over to a neighbor's house and struck their door with a whip, WFAA reports.

According to police, the boy's intentions were to confront a female classmate and there's been a "bullying issue" between the two children. The girl and her family are Black, and they accuse the boy, who is white, of having a "racial issue."

“We know the history of the whip," said the girl's father, Dezerrea Nash. "This is a racial issue. He comes to the door with a whip."

In an incident that was captured on video, Nash went to the boy's house and confronted his father, who reportedly answered the door carrying a firearm.

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Later in the video, the sound of a gun could be heard going off where the man, identified as Bryan Brunson, was standing in the doorway. Kaufman County police said that when Brunson's gun went off, it fired in the direction of Nash's daughter, who was standing behind him.

Brunson was later arrested on a charge of deadly conduct.

Watch WFAA's report on the story below or at this link.

Video shows boy hitting Forney family's door with whip; father later arrested after gun goes off