Man blames the devil after crashing his car into North Carolina airport terminal
(Screengrab via WRAL)

A man has been arrested after he crashed his car inside the terminal at North Carolina's Wilmington International Airport, WRAL News reported.

Driver Tray Anthony Dvorak, 37, told police, "The Devil made me do it."

Police responded to reports that a car breached the airport's fence and drove onto the tarmac. When confronted by police, the driver crashed through the doors and windows of a terminal and ended up inside of it.

"It’s a recommended security procedure to put bollards in front of the doors," Jeff Price, Professor of Aviation at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, said. "Some airports have them. Some airports don’t."

"That’s really the last line before you get out to accessing the aircraft, at least from the interior of the facility. In this case, oddly enough, he had access to the aircraft from the outside when he drove through the perimeter fence," said Price.

Dvorak was charged with assault, trespassing on airport property, speeding to elude arrest, disorderly conduct and resisting a government official.

Watch the video or at this link.

NC: Man drives car through Wilmington airport entrance