‘You’ll never be white!’ Enraged racist in hot water after falsely claiming to be an 'off duty trooper'

A man claiming to be an "off duty trooper" is under investigation after calling a motorist a racial slur during a traffic dispute, the Hudson Valley Post reports.

Pastor RD McLymore, of Newburgh, New York, shared a video on Instagram of a man in a red truck hurling racial slurs because he allegedly allowed a car to go in front of him.

“I’m an off-duty trooper, you f*cking stupid n*gger,” the man says in the video. “You’ll always be a n*gger. You’ll never be white. You’ll never be white. F*ck you!”

Police have since confirmed that the man is not a trooper or a law enforcement officer of any kind.

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"This man is not a trooper and has never been a trooper or affiliated in any way with the New York State Police or any other law enforcement agency," a New York State Police spokesperson told the Hudson Valley Post.

"He pulled out a knife and threatened us. Then he went to Broadway Liquor and did the same thing to a Spanish couple. This is the world we live in," McLymore, who is also a police officer, wrote in the video he shared.

In a statement, officials said criminal charges "should be immediately considered both for the alleged threatening conduct and for the individual’s attempt to impersonate a State Trooper."

Watch the video below: