Trump has displayed 'anxiety in private conversations’ following Mar-a-Lago search: report
Trump gestures as he addresses a press conference at the Lotte Palace Hotel. (

On Tuesday, The New York Times reported that former President Donald Trump is privately scared of the FBI investigation against him — whatever he might say and do publicly.

The investigation, the scope of which first became publicly known after the FBI executed a search at Trump's Mar-a-Lago country club in Palm Beach, Florida, centers on classified documents the former president removed improperly, possibly including high-level nuclear secrets.

"If the investigation into Mr. Trump’s possible connection with Russia was convoluted or hard for Americans to grasp, this one is not. The documents inquiry is about boxes of papers, storerooms, souvenirs and 'top secret' stamps — the kind of identifiable items that Mr. Trump has weaponized to bludgeon opponents, akin to Hillary Clinton’s private email server or Hunter Biden’s laptop," reported Maggie Haberman, Glenn Thrush and Alan Feuer. "The documents investigation is also about whether Mr. Trump or his associates may have obstructed the inquiry, according to court papers filed with the search warrant. And despite the bravura, Mr. Trump has displayed anxiety in private conversations about where this is all leading, people who have spoken to him say."

"Mr. Trump’s court filing on Monday requesting the special master to review the seized documents was styled as a legal motion, but it sounded more like a news release drafted by Mr. Trump himself," the report continued. "It was filled with bombastic complaints that the government had long treated Mr. Trump unfairly. The document cited purported examples like 'two years of noisy ‘Russian collusion’ investigations.' It also contained Trumpian boasts about the former president being 'the clear front-runner' for the 2024 election."

The judge hearing that case, herself a Trump appointee, has given the former president until Friday to fix various problems with his filing and explain why a special master is necessary.

It remains uncertain whether the affidavit authorizing the FBI search will be released, although large portions of it will almost certainly be redacted, both to avoid exposing classified information and to protect the integrity of the investigation.

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