Marc Short's cooperation could be a game-changer for Capitol riot probe: former FBI deputy director
White House director of legislative affairs Marc Short on MSNBC (Screen capture)

On CNN Monday, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe weighed in on the news that Marc Short, a longtime top aide of former Vice President Mike Pence, is cooperating with the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack.

"You can't overstate the value of having a prominent, connected Republican acknowledging the authority of the committee and doing the right thing," said McCabe, who was previously targeted for retaliation by the Trump administration. "To the extent that other witnesses are looking for some sort of a sign as to how to respond to subpoenas they may receive, the example of Marc Short might be very influential."

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"Let's remember," McCabe added, "we're not putting on a case for trial. No one is being prosecuted here. The committee is trying to construct a narrative of what happened. They don't need every person who was in attendance at every interesting meeting. They just need one. With Marc Short, they now have a key witness who was in some key events. This might open up a lot of information."

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Andrew McCabe says Marc Short could force Trump allies to cooperate on Jan 6 probe