Marco Rubio facing furious backlash after calling Dr. Anthony Fauci a liar and an elitist
Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is potentially facing a campaign against Ivanka Trump in 2022 and appears to be desperately trying to appeal to the far-right supporters of President Donald Trump. In his latest move, Rubio went after National Institute of Health virologist Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Rubio is either trying to rewrite history or misremembering the early days of the pandemic when the U.S. didn't have access to personal protective equipment. Dr. Fauci, along with many other physicians in the world didn't have all of the facts on the virus back in Jan., Feb, and March of 2020. They knew that the virus was contagious, but thought it was more about touch than respiratory transmission. It's the reason that many Americans were spraying their grocery bags with Lysol and wearing gloves more than masks.

Later in the pandemic, Fauci told people to stop buying surgical masks because doctors, nurses, other first responders and essential workers who had to have masks. Instead, Americans began making their own masks and masks for healthcare workers because they simply weren't available.

There was a loud call from officials for Trump to implement the National Defense Production Act to create more masks, shields and other PPE necessary for the healthcare workers. Using the law, however, would mean Trump would be forced to acknowledge that the coronavirus was more significant than the flu. At the time, he maintained that it would disappear in April when the weather began to get warmer.

By April, however, things only got worse and the state of Maryland went through another country trying to buy masks for his state.

"If we could rapidly increase production of medical masks, public health officials wouldn't be forced to make this tradeoff between effectiveness and availability," Politico reported April 9, 2020. "There have been growing calls, from both the left and the right, to use Title I of the Defense Production Act to effectively nationalize the supply chain of critical medical supplies. This piece of Korean War-era legislation grants the president broad authority to command the production of private industry. President Trump has started using the law, commanding GM, for instance, to begin production of ventilators and preventing mask manufacturer 3M from certain types of medical exports."

As for "distorted" herd immunity. It's unclear what Rubio means, but herd immunity means that 70 percent of Americans would have to garner the antibodies necessary to fight the virus. Using "herd immunity" would result in the deaths of millions of Americans, not hundreds of thousands as the U.S. faces now. It's unknown why Rubio would want more Americans to die.

As usual, the real answer is a little more nuanced than Rubio seems capable of understanding or he's the one who's outright lying to Americans about the facts to score political points.

As for the "elites," Rubio is one of the "elites" who has already received the vaccine.

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