'Paranoid' Florida man busted with explosives and Nazi paraphernalia in home
Lake County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man was arrested on multiple charges after sheriff's deputies said they found bombs and Nazi materials in his home.

Neighbors reported hearing explosions coming from Marcus Fricke's property since he purchased his home three years ago, and a woman who was staying there called the Lake County Sheriff's Office Tuesday and told deputies he had a number of explosive materials and devices, reported Spectrum News 13.

“He had built these in the home," said Lt. John Herrell, of the sheriff's office. "She said he was paranoid and making suicidal comments, and was going to blow up the house.”

Deputies executed a search warrant and said they found functional destructive devices triggered by a trip wire, a fuel bomb, ammonium nitrate and other bomb-making materials, in addition to large amounts of ammunitions and firearms.

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They also found Nazi paraphernalia and anti-Semitic materials at his home.

“Back in 2019 is when he really came on our radar, I think that is when he purchased his home,” Herrell said. “He called us shortly after of moving in to report there were people living in his attic and he had shot a couple of rounds through the attic.”

Fricke remain jailed without bond, but neighbors said they already felt safer.

“I always hear boom, boom, boom, boom everywhere,” said Anna Ramirez. "I feel great. I feel a lot safer, yes."