Russian 'spy' Maria Butina spreads Kremlin propaganda on BBC Radio: 'Russia is not bombing citizens'
Maria Butina

Suspected Russian spy Maria Butina justified her country's invasion of Ukraine during an appearance on BBC Radio.

Butina, who was convicted of acting as an unregistered foreign agent and then elected to Russia's parliament after her release from a U.S. prison, told BBC Radio host Nick Robinson that Vladimir Putin's invasion was going exactly as planned, reported The Daily Beast.

“Yes, absolutely," she told Robinson. "I do trust my president as well as the majority of Russians do.”

She agreed with Putin's claim that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is Jewish, is a Nazi, and she disputed Robinson when he pointed out his grandfather had died fighting Nazis during World War II.

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“You know," Butina said, "I do believe that Nazism is not about just one nation, it’s about killing, murdering, torturing, alienation, based on their race, their gender., their nationality, country of origin and what we see today.”

Robinson said that sounded like a description of Putin, and Butina blamed the fighting on Ukraine.

“Russia is not bombing citizens,” she said. “Russian military troops actually are having humanitarian corridors.”