MSNBC panel unleashes on 'moral bankruptcy' of Marjorie Greene and 'snowflakes' in the Republican Party
John Heilemann (MSNBC)

MSNBC commentator John Heilemann unleashed on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for her anti-Semitic attacks and downplaying of the Holocaust. He followed by going full bore against the Republican Party for continuing to be "snowflakes" over wearing masks.

"I mean, it was so bad for the last four years that it's kind of like, can you measure something either less than zero or more than infinite?" Heilemann philosophized. "It's like there's some kind of quantum physics problem with that. But they are, you know, anybody who had any thought things would get anyway, even a minuscule, you know, micrometer better once Trump left has been -- should be recognizing that it's not gotten better and I think it has in some ways gotten worse."

He explained that Greene makes things difficult because she's both "disgusting and anti-Semitic," but "she's just such a moron, it's not clear to me, fully, that she understands exactly the depth of how horrible what she's saying is."

Still, Republicans, who purport to support Israel, haven't been brave enough to step up against her remarks.

"When you listen to her talk about it, try to explain it, you come up against the fact that she's just a pinhead and I think she says these things about -- draws these comparisons — I don't think she has the moral complexity to understand why Jews find these comments so appalling," said Heilemann. "I don't think she has the kind of -- she doesn't have the kind of moral sense to be able to understand how offensive what she's doing is. But I will also say this: yet again, when you listen to these comments that someone like this makes, you're reminded of just what a bunch of snowflakes this Republican Party is."

Heilemann went on to call the GOP "a big hate machine," noting that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) can't denounce Greene's hate because if he did, he'd be forced to denounces the whole party for their hate for whatever group du jour they're going after that day.

"The core of her complaint is basically -- and I think in her head, she somehow believes — that being asked to wear a mask on the floor of the House, that there's concerns about, you know, we're trying to still keep you from getting sick, we're worried that some people are not vaccinated, that having mask mandates that continue going forward, she actually thinks in some way there is some equivalence between that and being put on a train and sent to a gas chamber," Heilemann suspected. And beyond the stupidity and the moral bankruptcy of it, it is just such an incredibly whiny, kind of ridiculous thing to say. 'Oh, I am so put upon. Wearing this mask, it's so terrible that I'm going to draw an analogy to the Holocaust.' I mean, could you be more of a snowflake in addition to being a moron and a totally morally bankrupt moron at that. You couldn't be more of a snowflake than to complain in that way. It blows my mind."

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