How Marjorie Taylor Greene’s testimony and texts could be used by the Jan. 6 committee: Ex-federal prosecutor
Marjorie Taylor Greene. (Screenshot/

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Friday told a court that she couldn't recall whether she'd discussed having former President Donald Trump declare martial law -- and on Monday, leaked text messages showed she asked former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows about that exact possibility.

Appearing on MSNBC Monday, former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance said Greene appeared "too cute by half," in her court appearance, and it could get her into some hot water.

According to Vance, the claims that Greene made under oath are "an important piece of testimony because it exposed the fact that... it's very clear when you watch that testimony with there's a lot of effort to be too cute by half to outsmart the questioner."

Vance went on to explain how this new information could be used by the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6.

"So, this repeated invocation of a bad memory when they're relatively recent text messages provides some very interesting context for the committee to use, as it tells this story to the American people," she said. "There's very little doubt that she had set herself up as an arbiter of information between what was going on in the caucus that she was newly a part of and the White House. There's a lot of interesting information yet to come to light there."

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