Marjorie Taylor Greene is projecting when she accuses others of being self-absorbed: Ex-Bush strategist
Marjorie Taylor Greene on Facebook.

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) went off on another rant this week to reporters accusing her colleagues of being self-absorbed, but Matthew Dowd, a former George W. Bush aide and Democratic lieutenant governor candidate in Texas, said that Greene is projecting.

Acosta showed his video where he asked Greene why she is protecting Steve Bannon and she claimed she's doing it because she cares about "the American people." Acosta said that it seems very clear that it's all about protecting Bannon.

"Of course," said Dowd. "But actually, the funny thing is about that is — talk about a person that's projecting as more you could ever imagine. Self-absorption? Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn't even sit on a committee and she constantly holds these press things. Talk about someone who's self-absorbed and unwilling to admit reality at any point in time. That's the problem. The GOP no longer — I can't find one, maybe Liz Cheney, and maybe Adam Kinzinger, who are interested in actual public service and the idea of servant leadership of none of them. It's all a reality show to them. It's all how can I say something crazy or do something crazy to sort of highlight my own self in this. There's no longer a desire in the Republican Party for public service."

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