‘They want to cancel you’: Marjorie Taylor Greene praises unhinged Muslim-basher in town hall rant about ‘corporate communism’
(Screenshot via YouTube.com)

During a recent townhall meeting in Calhoun, Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene ranted against "cancel culture," saying that it's not just taking place on social media but in "every area." She then praised someone who she says is a prime victim of cancel culture, namely far-right anti-Muslim activist Laura Loomer.

"Laura Loomer is a Jewish American woman -- she actually ran for Congress this last cycle, down in Florida -- she didn't win her election but I think she's someone important to talk about," Greene said. "Laura Loomer is one of the most canceled people I've ever met in my life. Do you want to know why? She started out as an investigative journalist, she's conservative, she's a Republican. She started reporting stories on Ilhan Omar and her ties to radical Islam, the fact that she married her brother. Twitter didn't like that very much, so they kicked her off of Twitter. She also got kicked off of Facebook, but Laura does not stop."

Greene noted that Loomer had also been permanently banned from Uber. "This is something I call corporate communism," the congresswoman said. "It's not just the threat from the federal government. It's happening in the corporate culture."

Aside from her open attacks on Muslims, Loomer has disseminated many conspiracy theories, most notably about the mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 where she claimed that the massacre was actually carried out by ISIS and involved more than one gunman.

In regards to Loomer's claims about Ilhan Omar marrying her brother, fact checkers say the truth behind the allegations are unclear.

"Omar has denied the allegation that [she married] her brother — she has called the charges 'disgusting lies,' the AP reported — but has not provided further documentation to debunk it," Politifact reported in 2019. "She did tell the Star-Tribune in October 2018, before she was elected to Congress, that 'it's really strange, right, to prove a negative. … If someone was asking me, do I have a brother by that name, I don't.'"

Watch the video below. The relevant portion starts at around 47:00: