Marjorie Taylor Greene: MAGA rioters weren't Trump fans even though they wore Trump hats and waved Trump flags
Capitol Rioters (Screengrab)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is now claiming that rioters at the United States Capitol building on January 6th weren't Trump supporters, despite the fact that they were wearing Trump hats, waving Trump flags, and leading chants such as "Fight for Trump."

Newsweek reports that Greene attended a town hall in Georgia this week in which she distanced the Capitol riots from the Trump movement, despite the fact that multiple rioters arrested have long social media histories showing their unwavering dedication to the former president.

"Most of the people that they have arrested that did the damage and really were the ones doing it didn't really vote," Greene claimed. "So I wouldn't call them Trump supporters, I wouldn't call them any supporters, they didn't vote. What they were is they were anti-government."

Greene cited no evidence to back up this claim that the MAGA mob didn't vote, and the overwhelming amount of evidence from both social media archives and court filings shows that the rioters were Trump supporters.

Greene also explained at the town hall why she didn't vote to honor the Capitol police officers for their work.

"The language in that bill, number one, declared every single person at the Capitol there that day on January 6 an 'insurrectionist,'" she said. "And I do not believe that that was insurrection. I'm not gonna label people that way, okay?