Marjorie Taylor Greene is in Congress for 'all the wrong reasons' — and both Republicans and Democrats have an aversion to her
Marjorie Taylor Greene, R- Ga.. - Drew Angerer/Getty Images/New York Daily News/TNS

On Saturday, Business Insider profiled how conspiracy theory-loving, pro-Trump Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has become reviled not just by Democrats, but by a number of Republicans as well.

Greene, according to the report, has become a kind of "Voldemort" of Congress — in that nobody wants to speak her name.

"Greene only burnished her reputation as a Capitol Hill rabble-rouser after she aggressively confronted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just off the House floor Wednesday afternoon and was overheard by reporters berating the New York Democrat for pursuing 'radical socialism,'" said the report. "Even some of Greene's GOP colleagues shied away from answering questions about that interaction. For their part, Democrats sounded like they were flabbergasted. 'I was relieved before this,' Rep. John Yarmuth, who as chairman of the House Budget Committee would have had to work with Greene had she not lost her work assignments, told Insider. 'As far as I can tell, she's here for all the wrong reasons. She is here just to make a show of herself. She's here for the theater.'"

With no committee assignments and no ability to influence legislation, one of Greene's only tactics to get noticed are to repeatedly force votes to adjourn Congress during the middle of business — something even Republicans are frustrated about.

Per the report, Republicans are also fleeing questions about Greene's behavior — even some of the far-right freshmen who were elected alongside her last year.

"Rep. Michael Burgess, a Republican of Texas, told Insider he had not seen any news articles about it," said the report. "When asked about what he thought of not being able to work with Greene on the House Education and Labor Committee, Rep. Madison Cawthorn, a Republican of North Carolina, said this week that he did not take questions from reporters in the halls of Capitol Hill."

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