Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests there's no reason to vote for Republicans
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Tuesday suggested that there is no reason to vote for Republican politicians.

In a tweet that will certainly not be embraced by party leadership, Greene lamented the party's purported inability to stop conservatives from being "censored" by big tech platforms.

"If Republicans can’t stop Big Tech Censorship, then what can Republicans even do?" she asked rhetorically. "Big Tech has gone way past censoring political opinions they don’t like, it’s silencing truth. If we can’t fight to protect truth then what else is left? And what are Republicans even for?"

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Many of Greene's followers were quick to point out that she posted her lament about conservative "censorship" on Twitter, which is one of the major tech companies allegedly responsible for silencing conservative voices.

"If you’re censored then why am I seeing this sh*t????" one of them wrote.