Former Georgia US Attorney apologizes on behalf of his state for Marjorie Taylor Greene
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. (Screenshot)

Addressing the day of testimony in the administrative hearing for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), CNN's Margaret Hoover confessed that she is a Republican, but she's still not sure she has the ability to explain Greene.

"This is insanity," Hoover said, agreeing with CNN host Don Lemon.

"This is no longer about left and right this is like, kooky vs. insanity," said Lemon. "What is happening?"

"I mean, the party doesn't have a leader. The party—" Hoover said before Lemon cut in to say that Kevin McCarthy lied to his own caucus. "He lied on tape and he's pretending it didn't happen. Just don't look here. Don't look over here, folks. That's what happened, he lied on tape and is pretending it didn't happen."

But it was discussions of Greene that brought the guests to bring even more criticism of the GOP. Michael Moore, the former U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, not the filmmaker, discussed what he observed were likely many lies while under oath.

"Yeah, and I apologize for being from Georgia and having Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia to those who are listening," said Moore. "You know, I had the chance to watch a lot of her testimony and really, sort of picking out the lies like as you pick your favorite scenes out of Moby Dick. She was full of faults throughout the entire testimony today. She just didn't remember, said she didn't know who she tweeted or what she had tweeted or what she authorized to tweet or what statements she had made and I just think it's really unlikely."

Previous Republican allies of Greens have argued that she is protected from any accountability because of a Civil War amnesty law, but Moore disagreed with such an assessment. Still, he thinks she'll get off the hook.

"Even though I think the Civil War law, was completely direct in suggesting that, you know, they never meant in the amnesty act to give people amnesty forever, for being part of an insurrection. But I just think it's unlikely you're going to see much here," said Moore. "You've got a Republican-appointed administrative law judge who will make a recommendation to a Republican secretary of state who is in a battle with another Trumpified in Georgia and it's hard for me to imagine she'll get taken off the ballot. We'll see, I could be surprised, but it's really, would be a surprise if that happened."

Hoover agreed, saying that every American could be horrified by the idea of Greene remaining in Congress because it's clear she undermines the Constitution and "sense of American dignity."

Greene is "a woman who puts her arms around white nationalist, propagating antisemitic conspiracy theories, all of the energy and all the resource you put into a lawsuit like that? Forget about it. Beat her fair and square at the ballot," said Hoover.

See the video discussion below:

Former Georgia US Attorney apologizes on behalf of the state of Georgia for Marge Greene