Black voters 'trying to move' after being gerrymandered into Marjorie Taylor Greene's district
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Screen Grab)

Both Republicans and Democrats are complaining after Republicans in Georgia gerrymandered a Black suburban neighborhood into Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R) district.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a portion of Cobb County was included in Greene's 14th District in the lastest congressional maps. The district is largely rural but Republicans declined to include residents of Haralson and Pickens counties, which more closely match Greene's current district.

“It took everyone by surprise. I mean, people are trying to move," Cobb county resident Audrey Allen, who is Black, told the paper. “It's disenfranchisement season."

State Rep. David Wilkerson (D) called the move a "sneak attack."

Even Greene has disagreed with the redistricting, calling it a "fool's errand that was led by power-obsessed state legislators."

"The new boundaries make it slightly less conservative, yet still a safe haven for Republicans," the Constitution reported. "They also just happen to be some of the most solidly Democratic, and most diverse, portions of the suburban county. The area is home to the first Black mayor in Cobb County and the launching pad for the county's first African-American commissioner."

Cobb County resident Anthony Whaley said having Greene as a representative was like a “shotgun wedding or an abusive relative moving into my house because they have no place to go to."