Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to 'totally gut' FBI over 'communist' raid on Mar-a-Lago
Marjorie Taylor Greene (Screen Grab)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said on Tuesday she will work to "totally gut" the FBI and Department of Justice after agents raided the Florida home of former President Donald Trump.

During an interview with Right Side Broadcasting Network, Greene complained about an anti-inflation bill that would allow the IRS to hire new agents.

"They are launching a new IRS army," she said. "This is the thing that everyone needs to understand, this IRS army is going to be armed with weapons."

"This is who the Democrats are," the lawmaker continued. "We've seen this happen in many countries where dictators rise and they rise through actions just like we saw at Mar-a-Lago yesterday."

Greene asserted that President Joe Biden ordered the raid although the White House has denied that he had any prior knowledge of Monday's actions.

According to Greene, the "ultimate goal" of Democrats is to prosecute Trump so he can't run for office again.

"Many Republican members are now unified and we'll be taking back the House and once we do, we're going to be going after and taking down this corrupt communist-style government," she added. "And we have got to do something to totally gut the Department of Justice and the FBI."

Watch the video below from RSBN.