Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks Black Lives Matter, alleges unfair treatment of Capitol riot prisoners in anti-1/6 Commission rant

On Wednesday, ahead of the congressional vote on the bill to establish the bipartisan January 6th Commission to investigate the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) gave a long-winded speech defending the Capitol rioters and demanding Congress investigate Black Lives Matter protesters instead.

"In this past year we have witnessed violent riots in American cities all over this country," said Greene. "There has not been a commission launched to study the reasons why that happened. There has not been an investigation to stop the BLM and Antifa riots that have hurt innocent people and attacked federal courthouses, taken over police departments, taken autonomous zones in the city of Portland and done damage to people all over the country."

As a fact-check, the problems with the Portland courthouse were that many Homeland Security agents claim was a lack of training and a failure of DHS. The building faced vandalism and shattered doors. Nothing else happened, no police were beaten unconscious, no urine or feces were left in the building.

"I'm against the violence that happened that day," but Greene added, "We have already had our Department of Justice arrest 445 people with 100 more to be arrested soon," with some "being held for 24 hours in solitary confinement."

She said that she believes the media would use the commission "to smear Trump supporters and President Trump for the next few years and cover up the real damage happening to the people this country, which is tearing down our economy, ripping our borders wide open and hurting this country."

After the attack on 9/11, investigations and arrests were done by the FBI and DOJ and a commission was still announced and supported by Republicans.

Watch below:

Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks Black Lives Matter in speech opposing 1/6 Commission