'Outhouse rat' Marjorie Taylor Greene is now the 'dominant strain' of the GOP: Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson (screengrab)

On CNN Wednesday, longtime GOP strategist and Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson said that the Republican Party has been wholly taken over by the strain of politics practiced by pro-QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

"The real leader of the House [GOP] is Marjorie Taylor Greene ... she's effectively the leader," said Wilson. "She's forced in her alliance with Trump and the crazies and QAnon people, conspiracy theories and Jewish Laser Lobby, that's the dominant strain. It is now what has taken over from the old Republican Party ... they believe that Hillary Clinton eats babies under a pizza restaurant. This woman barely could contain herself to try to behave for 15 minutes tonight, and McCarthy essentially didn't even bother to slap her on the wrist."

"I mean, but I got to say, Democrats should be delighted by this and revel in this. This is the new face of the GOP. This is who the Republican Party is now and she's crazy as an outhouse rat in a sugarcane field," said Wilson. "She's truly going to be the face of the GOP. The Democrats should actually not kick her out. They should love the fact she's there breaking off more and more Americans from the Republican Party."

Watch below: