Marjorie Taylor Greene's constituents will get 'nothing' -- 'not even liberal tears': report

While controversial Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) still enjoys the vast support of congressional Republicans, the House of Representatives on Thursday voted to remove the conspiracy theorist from committees.

Writing in The Daily Beast, Erin Gloria Ryan explained why Greene is helping herself at the expense of her constituents.

"One hundred and ninety seven Republicans went on the record supporting one of the most repulsive people to serve in congress in my lifetime (and that includes prolific child molester Dennis Hastert and prolific sexual abuse ignorer Jim Jordan). It's a shame, too, because while Greene's theatrics may be raising her own profile by putting her sassy masks on the news a lot, they're doing so at the expense of her own constituents," she explained.

"What do they get when their representative has no power? Nothing. Not even liberal tears. The libs have not been owned. The libs are in charge. Greene isn't living rent-free in Democrats' heads. Greene's theatrics are paying their rent," she argued.

"And yet, Republicans stood behind Greene. This is the hill they're going to be space-lasered to death on. This is their platform: We stand with the crazy assholes," Ryan charged.

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