Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) decided during a live broadcast on Wednesday that she will begin working on federal legislation mirroring Florida's ban on talking about sexuality with younger students.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones asked Greene about Florida's educational restrictions that critics have labeled as the "Don't Say Gay" law.

"Are you going to write a bill, are you going to introduce a bill because you've got the power to do it?" Jones said. "We would all get behind a bill to pull federal funding out of any school that sexualizes children.."

"Absolutely 100%," Greene agreed. "I will meet with my team right after this interview and we will work on it, Alex, because I will do anything I can to protect kids."

"I only want allies," she added. "If someone doesn't like me or my legislation, who cares?"

Watch the video below.

Marjorie Taylor Greene agrees to write federal 'Don't Say Gay' bill