Marjorie Taylor Green (Erin Scott/Pool/AFP)
Marjorie Taylor Green (Erin Scott/Pool/AFP)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) on Wednesday accused transgender people of "destroying God's creation."

"Again Democrats want to violate girls and women's rights by destroying God's creation, male and female," Greene wrote on Twitter in response to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). "Putting biological men in women's prisons, abuse shelters and extending them rights does NOT help biological women and girls who have been through hell."

Greene also railed against the legislation on the House floor.

"Now that they have destroyed the family and the housing law, they want to push a progressive gender ideology," she said of House Democrats. "Make no mistake, Democrats want to create an authoritarian woke state where neighbors, partners, citizens and employers are afraid to do anything in order to avoid the draconian policies imposed under the guise of protecting women."

Greene said that she wanted to go after the "real abusers" instead of "trying to criminalize every church in America for not following the advice of the transgender coalition of gender dysphoria."

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