Marjorie Taylor Greene makes wild attempt to stop daily prayer and Pledge of Allegiance on House floor
C-SPAN/screen grab

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) complained on Monday that House rules prevented her from making a motion to adjourn before the daily prayer and Pledge of Allegiance had been completed.

Greene revealed the grievances in a speech on the House floor.

"This government is failing the American people," Greene opined. "And more votes we take this week are going to continue to fail the American people. And this is why I walked in here this morning to make a motion to adjourn. But then I was told I couldn't make a motion to adjourn because we hadn't said the prayer or the pledge."

"It's very unfortunate," she continued. "We should make a motion to adjourn because Congress should stop! Congress is the one ruining the lives of the American people, not helping them like they claim to do."

Greene cited Afghanistan, abortion and the border as reasons for adjourning the House of Representatives.

"This is too much. It's out of control," she said. "So simply, I would like to make a motion to adjourn and I think it's silly that I can't do so as an elected member of Congress representing the 14th District of Georgia simply because we haven't said the pledge or the prayer."

"As you can see, rules in Congress just don't work because the rules here in Congress are allowing everything to continue to go downhill and hurt the people that pay the taxes," she concluded.

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.