'What liars!' Morning Joe busts GOP apologists after Jan 6 rioter admits he brought a gun to kill Nancy Pelosi

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough blasted Republicans who downplayed the violent threat from the Jan. 6 insurrectionists after new proof emerged of their violent intentions.

Mark Mazza, a 56-year-old Indiana man charged with carrying a loaded firearm to the U.S. Capitol riot, suggested to investigators that he intended to kill House speaker Nancy Pelosi during the chaos, and the "Morning Joe" host unloaded on GOP lawmakers who have insisted those Donald Trump supporters were merely protesters or even tourists.

"We have another person who was there with a gun proving what liars those Republican apologists are, saying they looked like a bunch of tourists," Scarborough said. "This criminal defendant, said he went to Jan. 6 with a gun if he had found Nancy Pelosi, they'd be talking to him about something else completely different."

"This whole idea that people were going after Mike Pence and saying, 'Hang Mike Pence,' that it was, like, a football cheer or something or people screaming, 'Nancy, where are you, Nancy' -- no, it's very clear this was not a group of tourists," Scarborough added. "There were people inside this group that were mobs, rioters who wanted to find and kill Nancy Pelosi and wanted to find and kill the sitting vice president of the United States."

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