Damning timeline shows Mark Meadows may 'face significant criminal exposure' for trying to overturn election
Mark Meadows. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

A timeline compiled by Ryan Goodman and Juilee Shivalkar at Just Security puts former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows at the center of efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election -- and could leave him facing "significant criminal exposure."

The timeline starts off on November 9th when Meadows notified former Defense Secretary Mark Esper that he was going to be fired because "we don't think you're sufficiently loyal."

Just days later, Meadows and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani created a "parallel track" to promote election fraud claims with the aim of stopping states from certifying their results.

Shortly after that, Meadows introduced Trump to Jeffrey Clark, the acting DOJ official who would later attempt to get the department to directly intervene in Georgia's certification of its election results.

Reports have also indicated that Meadows introduced Trump to former North Carolina Supreme Court justice Mark Martin, who "told him that Vice President Pence could stop the certification of Electoral College results."

Skipping ahead to January, the timeline shows that Meadows " arranged and participated in the call in which Trump asked Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger to 'find 11,780 votes'; and during the call Meadows asked the Georgia officials to share voting data even after they told him they could not because it was protected by law."

Read the whole timeline here.