Did Mark Meadows commit voter fraud?
Photo via Nicholas Kamm/AFP

According to an investigative piece by the New Yorker's Charles Bethea, former Donald Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is using a mobile home where it appears he has never stayed in his native North Carolina as his voting address.

As Bethea notes, Meadows and his wife sold their home in North Carolina in late March of 2020 and have been living in a condo they own in Virginia, near Washington, D.C. and never bought a new place in his home state.

According to the report, "But, as the summer passed and the election neared, Meadows had not yet purchased a new residence in what had been his home state. On September 19th, about three weeks before North Carolina’s voter-registration deadline for the general election, Meadows filed his paperwork. On a line that asked for his residential address—'where you physically live,' the form instructs—Meadows wrote down the address of a fourteen-by-sixty-two-foot mobile home in Scaly Mountain. He listed his move-in date for this address as the following day, September 20th."

However, as the report continues, there appears to be no evidence that Meadows owns the mobile home or has ever made an appearance there.

"Meadows does not own this property and never has. It is not clear that he has ever spent a single night there. (He did not respond to a request for comment.) The previous owner, who asked that we not use her name, now lives in Florida," Bethea wrote before quoting her describing it as "just a summer home."

"She only rented it out twice, she told me. The first renter, she said, was Debbie Meadows, who, according to the former owner, reserved the house for two months at some point within the past few years—she couldn’t remember exactly when—but only spent one or two nights there," the New Yorker report continues. "The Meadowses’ kids had visited the place, too, she said. The former owner was in Florida at the time, but her neighbors, the Talleys, whom she described as friends of the Meadowses’, debriefed her later. As for Mark Meadows, she said, 'He did not come. He’s never spent a night in there.'"

Writing, "Did Meadows potentially commit voter fraud by listing the Scaly Mountain address on his registration form? It’s a federal crime to provide false information to register to vote in a federal election," Bethea questioned Melanie D. Thibault, the director of Macon County’s Board of Elections about Meadows' voter registration form only for her to say, "I’m kind of dumbfounded, to be honest with you."

“I looked up this Mcconnell Road, which is in Scaly Mountain, and I found out that it was a dive trailer in the middle of nowhere, which I do not see him or his wife staying in," she added.

Bethea noted, "Meadows had voted absentee, by mail, in the 2020 general election," according to the election official

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